About Us

Drive Fitness is a place dedicated to bettering the community through strengthening the individual. We believe that strong individuals who realize their personal power are the fabric of a thriving community. Strength and power are much more than physical. In fact our physical strength and power are a small piece of the puzzle. Mental, emotional and spiritual strength and power are absolutely vital to the success of each individual.

Let’s talk about success. Success can mean a number of things. It can be achieved in a number of ways and in a number of different areas of your life. Success can range from small victories to massive achievements. Success brings pleasure. The most complete form of success, however, is pleasure plus fulfillment, which comes with a sense of peace and purpose. This is the type of success we want for our members and for our community. Imagine a world where more people walk around with a sense of purpose in life. They know what they want and they realize the power to achieve it lies in their own hands, not anyone else’s. They understand personal responsibility and take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They lead by example and teach with a passion. They find joy in the small things and are fully capable of achieving the big things. They are confident and understand their value. They are comfortable with who they are as a person, yet hungry to always grow and improve. They are powerful and giving. They are balanced in all areas of life.

This is the type of world we strive to create through the individual success of our members. We create the space and the culture, and provide the guidance and resources. Our members take action and experience their rewarding growth.

What does this type of success look like in practical terms? What are the things achieved?

Our members see improvements in the shape of their bodies; they get stronger and perform better in all areas that matter to them; they learn what proper eating is for them and develop a healthy relationship with the things they put in their bodies; they improve their sleep quality and ability to manage stress; they get the job promotion and the raise in pay; they become more aware and increase their level of consciousness; they become better and more complete leaders; they find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

As you can imagine, when a group of individuals who are actively working towards all of the above achievements are gathered in one area, the atmosphere and energy at Drive Fitness is one to experience. It is stimulating, uplifting, and supportive. Our team does a great job of creating this atmosphere. However, our members are just as involved in the process and responsible for the atmosphere created. We are extremely thankful for that and recognize that they are truly what makes up our community and drives our success. Afterall, the success of our members is our success, and our success allows us to keep the drive alive.