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Nearly 5 years in business, we have worked with just about every type of client with a wide range of goals. We have seen success in one way or another with all clients. Our main goal is to get people moving confidently, and ultimately feeling confident at their very core. What does it take to achieve this? It takes a few things to line up properly.

First, it takes clarity. Getting clear with yourself sounds simple enough, however, many people struggle to clearly define what they want. People are really good at listing off things they don’t want. That’s a start, however that list can be endless. We help our clients get extremely clear on what they DO WANT. That is the target. When the target is clear, the path becomes more visible.

Second, there needs to be a plan. What is the path forward? What is the process and what are the strategies that will ensure success? Clients have a general sense of what they need to do to get where they want to go, especially once they’ve clearly defined what it is they want. We fill in any gaps of knowledge and help guide them in constructing a plan of action. Educating clients is one thing we take pride in. This returns personal power to our clients. However, knowing what to do is only part of the puzzle.

Third, is action. Taking action requires a lot of courage that clients forget they have. Oftentimes fear of failure leaves them feeling unmotivated. And the thought of knowing WHAT to do, yet feeling scared and/or unmotivated to actually do it, and do it consistently, frustrates them and further drives down motivation. Quite the dilemma. Part of taking action is making a conscious decision to take action even in times of fear and low motivation, for the sake of what is truly important in the long term over what feels good and comfortable in the short term. This takes faith and courage. This is what we strive to instill in our clients. The reality is that it’s already within them. They just have to be convinced of that themselves in order to tap into it.

To sum it, our coaches help you clearly define your goals, construct a plan, and hold you accountable to take consistent action. The formula is simple, however it’s not easy. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be so rewarding. Humans are great at complicating things. You have enough complicated things in your life. Let us bring back simplicity to your health and wellbeing. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and movement assessment. It’s time to be your healthier self.