Private Training:

Private training is where you will get maximal accountability and attention and highly customized training. When you first meet with us we will take you through a consultation to get to know you, what challenges you are currently facing, and what goals you want to achieve. This will be a full review of your life and lifestyle, including sleep, nutrition, as well as home life and work life stress.

Every client is unique and presents a new and exciting challenge for us. Getting to know you as an individual is vital for us to give you the best guidance and support, and ultimately for you to have the best experience with great results. Along with the consultation we will perform a movement assessment to see how well your body moves, get an idea of your strengths, as well as determine any weaknesses and limitations in mobility. This allows us to design a program completely tailored to you and your current abilities.

Your coach is your guide, support, and accountability partner. Along your fitness journey you will develop a strong relationship with your coach. This is an unspoken value of private training – the connection with another person who wants what is best for you. That is priceless. Connection is a deep emotional need of every human being. This may not be what you are actively looking for when you hire a coach, but it is the added benefit that you will be thankful for.

Group Training:

Group training is more than just a workout session. It is a full on experience. It’s a workout with friends, high energy, and a little friendly competition.

No matter if you train with us privately, remotely through online coaching, or through group training, you are a part of our community. You will feel the presence of that community through group challenges, hikes, and live group coaching calls. However, there is no doubt that group training will help you feel more connected to our community. You cannot trade being in person with fellow Drive members day in and day out. And there is something fun and special about committing to personal growth and overcoming challenges together. Drive members are your teammates, friends, and family. You will be inspired by other members and their stories, their energy and their character. They will be there to support you and hold you accountable.

What does the actual training look like in a group session? We use a variety of equipment ranging from dumbbells and kettlebells, to TRX straps and resistance bands. Our workouts are designed to strengthen the entire body through a range of natural movement patterns, while also building endurance and mobility. Our goal is to get you feeling confident about how you move, how you feel, and how you look.

Although group training demands a little bit more independence on your part when it comes to movement, our group training sessions are great for many different fitness levels. If you are new to fitness or haven’t worked out in quite a while, group training can still work well for you. We always provide modifications for each exercise. That way you can perform movements that match your strength and fitness level in order to build your body up without breaking it down. If you are at an advanced fitness level, we will give you a suitable challenge as well. Movements can always be progressed to the next level of difficulty.

Online Coaching:

Online coaching offers the ultimate flexibility. You are not limited to specific days and times for your sessions. You have total control of how you set your weekly schedule, when you perform your workouts, and when you schedule your coaching calls and accountability checks with your coach. This is perfect for someone with a busy schedule, as well as those with rotating or unpredictable schedules. Another great thing is that we can program as many workouts per week that you are able to commit to and that fits your goals, without any increase in cost to you. Along with flexibility, online coaching offers you high access coaching whenever you need it. Your coach is essentially in your back pocket. This gives you the security that there is always support and accountability available to you. There is so much value in knowing you can access your coach at any time. This allows you to get answers to questions or support and motivation whenever it is needed, without having to wait until your next session, which can be days away. On weekly coaching calls you will have the chance to dive deeper into your fitness and personal development journey. This is where you can talk about goals, blockers, and action plans. Online coaching is not limited to workouts. We coach you on your lifestyle and behavior patterns. Each client is like a puzzle. Understanding all the puzzle pieces of your lifestyle gives us a clearer picture and broader perspective of how to help you solve your unique challenges and get you the results you want. With deeper work on mindset and identity, through something we call story work, we are able to not only get you the results you want, but get them quickly, and create a new you that sustains those desired changes. We help you create new healthy habits that make success and fulfillment inevitable. The great thing is that, through the story work process, you will learn more about yourself and how to coach yourself. This will bring more clarity to your life and your experiences. You will better understand cause and effect in your life and how to take control over it so you can produce and reproduce the results you desire.